How Can ABC Health & Safety Training Help You?

At ABC Health & Safety Training we offer health and safety certification courses for Workplace Employees, Healthcare Providers, and the Community. We’re accepted by thousands of companies and institutions and trusted by thousands of professionals across Northern California.

What Our Clients Say

I was impressed with the extensive medical background of the instructor and the ease at which she communicated. I have taken many CPR classes and this one was the best.

–Sacramento, CA

Ron Taylor

The instructor has been the best I have had in my 10 years of taking CPR classes. I actually had fun and the time went by quickly. She was very patient and answered each question professionally. I will be back in two years.

–Davis, CA

Drew Pearson

Without a doubt! The best instructor I’ve had in my 35 years of doing this. Thorough and to the point. Nothing but praise!

–Vacaville, CA

Stew Smith

Vacaville Unified School District

I have taken classes with ABC for several years because of the quality and professionalism of the training. The classes are taught in a relaxed and friendly environment. I always learn something new.

–Concord, CA

Christy Davis, RN

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Learn to Save Lives

Everyone can learn CPR, AED and First Aid and make an impact on someones life.

Build Up Your Safety Skills by Studying with Us

We have nearly 30 years of teaching safety skills. Whether it's CPR, AED or First Aid we have the best method to help you learn.

Do you want to join us as Instructor ?

If you have a medical background and a passion for teaching others how to save lives give us a shout.