Welcome to ABC Health & Safety Training

Founded in 1988 with the mission to protect life, promote health, and reduce accidental deaths.

Located in Northern California, we serve the Sacramento and East Bay areas.

We provide training for Healthcare Providers, Businesses and Corporations, Dental Providers, Daycare Providers, Parents and Grandparents, Fitness Trainers, Life Guards, Schools, Churches, Boy Scouts, Girls Scouts and anyone who wants to be prepared to save a life.

  • Professional Teachers
  • Low-Pressure Learning
  • Individual Attention
  • Courses Affordably Priced
  • Certified by AMA
  • Adhere to Federal/State Regs
  • Online Courses Available
  • Convenient Class Times

Why Choose Us

We’ve been training Healthcare Professionals, Friends and Families, and Workforce responders for 29 years. Simply put, we do it right. Our exemplary record of successfully training individuals for so long will also help make you successful.

We’ve got the right safety training course for you. Whether you’re a Healthcare Professional, Workforce responder or Friend and Family we have a course tailored to fit your needs.

We’ve trained doctors, lawyers, construction workers, babysitters, dentists, boy and girl scouts, schools, churches, lifeguards, fitness trainers. You name it and we’ve trained them.

Anyone can learn to save a  life!

While learning CPR techniques are similar whether you’re a Healthcare Professional or a babysitter, some individuals don’t require an AHA completion card for job requirement.

That is why we offer American Heart Association certification and EMS Safety Certification courses.  If you’re a Healthcare Professional, no worries we’ve got your covered with AHA. If you’re not a Healthcare Professional we have EMS Safety Certification which will fit your needs perfectly.

Either way, you will receive the best training at affordable prices that meet your specific needs.

Facts About Us

Our mission is to train as many people as possible to save lives. It is our passion and we are fortunate to have been able to train so many individuals over the years.

Every life is precious and we never know when we might be presented with a life threatening situation. What you learn in our class will make a difference not only in your life but the person you save.

Learn by doing. That's why we believe you will develop your skills best with hands-on training. We provide CPR Training Manikins for all class members. And we demonstrate the proper methods and life-saving techniques.

Our instructors have medical backgrounds and know the best way to help students develop their safety skills. We provide a fun and pressure-free learning environment which helps students absorb the training so it becomes second nature.

We've listened to our students feedback over the years and you'll be glad you chose to be trained by one of our professional instructors.

Our Clients