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Choosing the Right CPR and First Aid Course

At ABC Health and Safety Training, we understand that selecting the appropriate CPR and First Aid course can be challenging, especially if you’re taking the class as a requirement for your employer. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve created this guide to clarify which classes are suitable for healthcare providers and laypersons.

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A Guide to CPR and First Aid Courses by Profession

Always verify your employer’s specific certification requirements before enrolling in a course.

  • Prof.

  • BLS for Healthcare Providers

  • HeartCode BLS Hands On Session

  • Pediatric CPR AED & First Aid

  • Basic CPR AED

  • Basic First Aid

  • Basic CPR AED & First Aid (Combo)

  • Medical

  • Dental

  • EMT

  • Life Guard

  • Fire Fighter

  • Childcare Worker

  • Flight Attendant

  • Personal Trainer

  • Coach

  • Teacher

  • Baby Sitter

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    Aligning Your Profession with the Appropriate CPR and First Aid Certification

    BLS for Healthcare Providers is a classroom-based course that teaches CPR and other life-saving skills through hands-on practice with an instructor. This course is ideal for healthcare professionals who prefer a traditional learning environment.

    HeartCode BLS is a blended learning course that combines online self-paced learning with a hands-on skills session. This option suits healthcare providers who desire flexibility in their training schedule and are comfortable with online learning. The online portion must be completed before attending the in-person skills session.

    For flight attendants, the choice between BLS for Healthcare Providers and Basic CPR and First Aid depends on their airline’s specific requirements. Some airlines may prefer the American Heart Association (AHA) certification, which would necessitate flight attendants to take the BLS for Healthcare Providers course. However, other airlines may accept the Basic CPR and First Aid certification from the Health and Safety Institute (HSI). Flight attendants should confirm their employer’s preferred accreditation before enrolling in a course to ensure they meet the airline’s standards.