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#1 Training for CPR & First Aid in Vacaville

One of the most important skills for any emergency responder, from police officer, paramedic to healthcare worker, is CPR. It can save lives when there’s no time, and it also helps with other medical emergencies like traumatic chest injuries or heart attacks!

We offer training in how-to use an Automated external defibrillator (AED) so that you’re confident if someone has had their heart stop functioning due to a sudden cardiac arrest. You’ll learn necessary techniques down pat.

We are CPR and First Aid certified instructors, providing our community with the latest techniques to keep you safe.

Did you know that there are more than 500 emergencies where someone may need CPR and first aid? The best way to save a life is by being prepared. In order to be ready, we offer classes for those who want or need to save lives in their community!

The importance of saving lives is one that we at ABC Health & Safety Training teach every day. CPR and first aid skills are a huge part in preserving human life, which makes it crucial for individuals who may come into contact with someone having difficulty breathing or bleeding due to an accident/wound, seek out training as soon as possible!

Why choose ABC Health & Safety Training?

  • Professional Teachers
  • Low-Pressure Learning
  • Individual Attention
  • Affordable
  • Certified by American Heart Association
  • Adhere to Federal/State Regs
  • Hands-On Training
  • Convenient Class Schedules

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