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BLS Healthcare Provider Class

BLS for Healthcare Provider Class (Initial & Renewal)


Elevate your emergency response skills with an American Heart Association 2-year CPR certification.


Healthcare professionals: Maximize your life-saving potential with our American Heart Association BLS for Healthcare Providers course in Vacaville, CA. This hands-on classroom experience is vital to unlocking the critical skills needed to respond to emergencies with unwavering confidence. Seize this opportunity to sharpen your life-saving skills – enroll today and be prepared when every second counts!

  • Designed for doctors, dentists, paramedics, lifeguards, and all healthcare workers
  • Learn to identify emergencies and administer high-quality chest compressions quickly
  • Master proper ventilation techniques and AED usage through expert guidance
  • Gain essential knowledge in critical care and emergency cardiovascular response
  • Earn a prestigious 2-year American Heart Association certification upon completion
  • Meet employer requirements and demonstrate your commitment to providing exceptional care


*Important: A BLS Provider Manual is required for this course and must be purchased separately. Please ensure you have the manual before attending the class.

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